United Way UK Staff

(l-r) Isabella Snyder, Jane Hudson Jones, Hannah Bellamy, Anisha Begum, Vanessa Neale

Hannah Bellamy, Co-CEO

Hannah began her career in the publishing industry, but has since spent over 10 years working with and for the charitable sector. Hannah is an English and American Literature graduate, and believes that books can have a transformative effect on people’s lives: they are a private refuge, a way to share advice, and a reflection on our society that can spur individual or collective action


Jane Hudson Jones, Co-CEO

Jane is an experienced charity CEO with postgraduate degrees in coaching and management. Jane specialises in leadership, organisational development and change management, with more than 15 years’ senior level experience. Jane started her career in the NHS as a Registered Mental Nurse, going on to become a senior manager in Public Health and leading on large scale service transformation projects, as well as major health campaigns such as the UK public smoking ban of 2007. Jane believes that people are the most important asset in any organisation and is passionate about supporting development and learning. 


Isabella Snyder, Business Development Manager

Isabella began her career working in international development. As a child Isabella’s favourite book was “Matilda” by Roald Dahl, as she identified closely with Matilda’s voracious appetite for reading as many books as she could get her hands on. Lucky for her, that was a lot of books, but much to her disappointment she never developed telekinesis skills. Isabella believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the magic of reading for pleasure and that reading can have a profound influence on a person’s life.


Vanessa Neale, Project Coordinator

Vanessa started her career at the BBC working on a range of UK-wide community engagement campaigns such as ‘The Big Read’ (finding the UK’s best loved books), ‘Dig In’ (getting people to grow vegetables) and ‘Breathing Places’ (creating spaces for nature).   Her favourite BBC campaign was ‘People’s War’- the creation of an online archive of personal world war two experience. After a career break to bring up her two children Vanessa then worked as a Teaching Assistant at their primary school.   Vanessa is passionate about books and nurturing a love of reading in children.


Anisha Begum, Administrative Assistant

Anisha is a BSc Psychology student at University College London. With a particular focus on bettering the understanding of mental health in communities, Anisha aims to build relevant experience and find a field that suits her best. After graduating, she hopes to develop her career and ultimately work for the NHS. An appreciation for literature means Anisha loves reading books and is always intrigued by new suggestions.