East Acton Primary School

East Acton is a thriving, friendly medium- sized school in the borough of Ealing.  Children come from a wide variety of minority ethnic groups and backgrounds and the school has a special emphasis on working with children and parents who speak English as an additional language (EAL).  When United Way worked with East Acton Primary in 2016, it was decided to set up the Reading Oasis in their dedicated EAL room.  Although the whole school have benefitted from the Reading Oasis, the books and reading space have been a particular boost for children who had little or no English when they joined the school.

The school’s dedicated EAL Teaching Assistant said- “Our new Reading Oasis has been a fantastic resource.  We run classes for parents who are learning English themselves in the Reading Oasis and afterwards, they have the chance to share books with their children.  Thank you, United Way”