Cricket Green School

Reading Oasis Special School Partnership


Reading Oasis has launched an exciting new partnership with Special Schools.   Our pilot for the project is Cricket Green School in Mitchum, south west London.  This happy and creative community school was recently judged as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted and caters for pupils from aged 4 to 19.


Students at the school have a range of complex and diverse needs, including autism, severe learning difficulties and difficulties in speech and language development.  Some of the students enjoy traditional books, so we provided the school with our signature rug, beanbags and bookcases, packed with story books. 



Setting up the new Reading Oasis


Other students respond to storytelling in an alternative way, which is why we partnered with the charity Bag Books to provide the school with a set of multisensory books.  These innovative books are told interactively via a storyteller and feature sounds, things to feel, look at and even smell!  We also provided staff at Cricket Green with storytelling training to get the most from the Bag Books. 


Families of the students can also enjoy Bag Books at home, as Reading Oasis have also donated a further set of multisensory books for a home loan service, as well as training for parents. 


Multi-sensory bag books


The Reading Oasis resources arrived at a time when Cricket Green were enjoying a whole- school project around story telling.  Each year group explored stories told in different forms such as sensory tales, drama, visual art, technology, poetry and music.


Work inspired by 'The Soul Bird' by Michal Snunit for the Story Telling Project 


Deputy Head Louis Jhugroo said "We would like to thank Reading Oasis for the excellent training and donation of books we received which supported us with our story telling project".