Copenhagen Primary School

Set on the banks of Regent’s Canal, Copenhagen Primary is a dynamic school in the busy district of Kings Cross.  Although the school is housed in a large building, the number of pupils is relatively small, as the locality is a largely commercial area. 

The school already benefitted from regular visits to their local library, but lacked a dedicated reading space of their own.  When United Way worked with Copenhagen to set up a new Reading Oasis, the perfect ‘nook’ was found; a small room leading off from the main hall.  This cosy space was the ideal location for curling up with a good book.  The selection of books was warmly received by the children and they each got to take an additional book home to keep.

Rebecca Thomson, teacher at Copenhagen and Head of Literacy said; “We currently have a whole-school focus on ‘reading for pleasure’.  Without the ability to enjoy books, children can’t access anywhere near the depth and wealth of information they need to help them reach their full potential.”